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Wednesday, 18 November 2009 15:44

Noy Interview

Gumby's Pizza Boy

This time last year, Noy was a relative unknown on Brisbane’s club scene. Twelve months later and he’s a well known figure amongst Monastery regulars. Known for his constant activity in the DJ booth, Noy is readying himself for Mono’s annual Pornstar party.

So you're playing Monastery's Pornstar party; who you going dressed as?
Well at the moment there are so many things in the air. I've asked so many people and got so many responses, so I don't know yet. But I'm really keen to get myself painted, so maybe something to do with that is on the agenda, ha!

At the Pornstar party, who's antics should punters be most scared of - the Hey Now DJs, The Vandals or Raye Antonelli?
Oh, that's a tough one. Hey Now DJs really know how to throw down a party set! I’ve never heard a bad tune yet! But I've partied with The Vandals before, and God they know how to party! So it's pretty tight there! And as for Raye Antonelli, this guy is who everyone should be scared of. He’ll definitely bring the party to a close, especially ‘cause we've got the close set going back to back for the Pornstar party!

Keeping with the porn theme, what would your pornstar name be? Would you be the pool boy?
My pornstar name, haha! There's actually a few I could think of, but I don't know. I guess Noy would do, it's sexy isn't it? I'd hope so. No but seriously, I'd probably be the pizza guy, they always seem to have the most fun!

How did playing Year 12 house parties develop your DJing style?
I guess it really developed my DJing style because I was still at school, so everybody was still listening to the radio and all the dance compilation CDs, like the Ministry Annuals and so on. So it kinda got me into finding Top 10 chart songs that were remixed, so everybody could still dance along too, and I guess that has just evolved to finding my own sound, but still keeping my party people happy.

The frenzied nature of your DJing - bopping around the decks, a blur of action. Is it a natural high for you, being in the DJ booth?
Definitely! Every time, whether it be playing at 9pm, 3am, whenever, it's a natural high playing; just being able to bust out your favorite tunes and getting people moving is so exciting. It's hard to explain, it's just so good! I think anyone who's been up there would say the same, always a high and just so lifting.

When you're away from the decks, but still in the club, are you always analysing the DJ who's playing and what you'd be doing differently?
Not really; each DJ has their own style, so I kind of just listen to the tunes that are being played, but most of the time I'm just running around talking to people. I don't really think I need to take notice; they're up there, they know what they're doing, but I guess sometimes I think “oh it would have been sick if they dropped that, or I might have done this or that”.

If you could have a fictional character as a sidekick in the DJ booth with you, who would you have alongside you?
Definitely Gumby, that show is so crazy now that I've looked back on it. He can do so many things, and does so so many crazy things; Gumby is a crazy ass show! I could only imagine what me and him would get up to in the DJ booth!

On your Myspace, you list Format B as one your influences. You must be amped for their upcoming show at Monastery in early December?
Format B are awesome. Definitely one of my main influences on the tech side. Each release they’ve had recently has just been awesome, never a hit or a miss! Just always good! So Format B at Monastery is going to be unreal, especially with the supports they have as well, pretty sure a lot of other people would agree! Can’t wait!

Catch Noy alongside Hey Now DJs, The Vandals, Raye Antonelli and a host of local supports for Monastery’s Pornstar party, Friday November 20.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009 16:30

Cutloose Interview 23.09.2009

Vampire Wookie

With a close resemblance to ‘The Muppets’ Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Cutloose is finally back in town and staying for good this time. Aboding in Los Angeles and Chicago for the majority of the last year, Brisbane’s king of the mash-up set is hankering to show off his baby - a debut album.

So Mr Cutloose, you're back in Brisbane after a sojourn in America. How was the trip; productive?
Very productive thanks Scene. I got to work with some great producers and DJ at some fun places.

Favourite US moment?
It would be catching up with Z-Trip and Gaslamp Killer and then going to ‘the Do Over’ (a Sunday Session in Hollywood that has surprise guest DJs every week. But you don't know till you go). A-Trak was playing and I got to meet Chromeo. Then bumping into a bunch of DJ friends from Santa Monica and DJ Plus One. All in the one afternoon... I hope I didn't hurt anyone after all the name drops. Ha ha!

We've been hearing about the Cutloose album for a little while now - is it finished? Sound, style-wise what can we expect from it?
I have completely finished it now. But it's in the distribution process now and other office mumbo jumbo. So I’m expecting it should be very soon. The album itself is a glitch hop, electronica, groove infused funk-a-thon that I hope provokes a lot of body parts moving in different directions, as well as a mental explosion. BAM !

As a first time album making, how did you find the process? Was it a laborious affair?
It was exactly that. By the time it gets released, it will be two years old. It has been through many changes of course, but the core tracks all started some time ago - and it's been a love, hate relationship since then.

You must be looking forward to showcasing the new material to your home town?
I am so on edge about it. It's my personal project that has a lot behind it and I am very pleased to be able to share it with my friends, family and Brisbane's massive.

So, you're playing Parklife and Afterlife this weekend - planning hard for the sets?
Parklife, yes! For those that make it over to the Jager Tent at 4.30pm they’ll have a sneak preview of the whole album. As for the Afterlife party, I have just put together a massive playlist of new and old indie, rock, elektro party jams and hip hop.

You're mash-up style is renowned city-wide; how have your skills improved over the last year or so?
Enormously. I have been able to really concentrate on the finer points of blending and chopping mixes live and I have tightened it all up. Practice makes almost perfect as I say. There are a lot of DJs now that have digital software. This makes for less practice, as they just sit in front of the computer and listen to the tracks and go "yeah” or “nah". Get on the decks and try out some mixes guys. Get creative.

A bird also told us that you have a couple of other projects on the simmer; are details still classified or can you let the cat outta the bag?
Classified! But I can say they involve some well known Brisbane DJs and some very well known international artists. Also a Cutloose concept album on the way. Hush!

The Surecut Kids have affectionately labelled you the 'Vampire Wookie'. What sort of hobbies does a Vampire Wookie indulge in?
Late night cook ups, which can include steak, pasta, stir-fry, burrito, left over salad followed by a ‘Star Wars’ marathon. I love my food, I have a part-time food blog on my website were everyone can go into the archives and see what I ate for my whole USA tour.

Catch Cutloose at Parklife then Afterlife at Empire September 26, Uber October 3 and Alhambra October 9. Keep your ears peeled for word on his debut album.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007 03:31

Alex Gaudino: Interview

Alex GaudinoON TOP

Responsible for one of clubland's biggest tracks of 2007, Alex Gaudino is headed to Australia for Godskitchen. If you're not sure who Gaudino is think eight gorgeous girls in green marching band attire and one sublime sax hook. Still haven't got it? 'Destination Calabria' you fool!

Arguably the biggest dancefloor filler since Eric Prydz' 'Call On Me', Gaudino has won a legion of fans with his tropical house anthem. The track has quite a history, having started out as a studio side-project in 2003. Known then as 'Magic Destination', the song featured the vocals of Philadelphian songstress Crystal Waters.

When Gaudino and studio partner Maurizio Nari called in Jim Tonique to remix 'Magic Destination', he introduced that irresistible sax hook from the Ibiza classic by Rune, 'Calabria'. And before either Maurizio or Alex could yell 'hey presto', 'Destination Calabria' was skyrocketing up charts all over the world.

Catching Alex in between lattes in Rome, the man who has ascended to the top of the dance world plays down the significance of the track.

"What can I say, that track gave me a lot of success and y'know I'm just going to be happy about that and I look forward to being on top with the next record."

Now a fully-fledged mega star DJ alongside Data Records stable mates Eric Prydz and Fedde le Grand, Alex Gaudino will be in Australia early next month. In the country to headline Godskitchen, Alex will be joined by Europe's finest DJs, including Rank1, M.I.K.E. and The Thrillseekers.

"I change my set every moment or every week, so I don't know how I can describe my DJ set 100 per cent. I just try to put my vibe on the dancefloor. That is what I do," Gaudino says referring to what punters can expect when he hits the DJ booth.

Talking to the Italian dynamo, you find Alex is a man of few words, especially when it comes to his remix projects. "I'm working on a couple of things. I'm working on my new single, which will be off my new album which will be released in March."

When pressed on what punters can expect from this artist album, Alex is more politician than DJ in his response. "I really can't say y'know."

Starting out his music adventure in Italy circa 1993 at the famous Flying Records and UMM, Gaudino began to make waves five years later. With the support of Giacomo Maiolini, owner of the legendary TIME Records, Alex founded RISE Records. Signing hits like 'The Tamperer' and 'Black Legend', RISE soon became one of the most respected European labels, with Alex still the only Italian A&R who has owned two #1 hits in the UK sales chart.

Following on from this success Gaudino scored the massive hit 'Bang' by Robbie Rivera, which got Alex nominated as best European A&R at the European Music Awards in 2000.

It was at this time that Alex increased his own activity as a producer with two singles in 2003 featuring big names Crystal Waters ('Destination Unknown') and Ultra Nat. Alex's remix of 'Is It Cos I'm Cool' by Mousse T in the European summer of 2004 marked him as one of the hottest producers on the market.

2006 began with remixes of Pete Tong & Chris Cox ('Deep End'), Mousse T ('Horny') and James Kakande ('You You You'). As the year progressed he scored a release on Ministry of Sound for his single 'Reaction' and on Hed Kandi for his Blue Lipstick project 'Head over Heels'. For Alex Gaudino it's all on the up.

Alex Gaudino joins Body Rox, Rank1, M.I.K.E., The Thrillseekers and Richard Durand for Godskitchen at The Met Friday October 5.

Wednesday, 02 September 2009 13:16

Hey Now DJs Interview

Indian Goat Cheese?

On tour with Grafton Primary and Cassette Kids, Sydney DJ collective Hey Now DJs aren’t afraid to spice up clubland. You can find the likes of Martin Solveig, Mark Ronson and Hot Chip within a usual Hey Now DJ set. The Godfather helps us dissect the madness that is a Hey Now performance.

So we're told you guys are on tour with Grafton Primary and the Cassette Kids; so out of you three, which act likes to party most?
Well everyone is quite the partier so far, but we've actually decided to make the Brisbane night the deciding force in crowning the party kings of the tour. I can't go into too much detail but I can tell you that it will involve a Twister board, a football helmet full of goats cheese and a small Indian child.

You're making a minor detour on this trip with the Grafton Kids to play Monastery; are you packing a different flavoured set for this show?
Absolutely. The focus on the Grafton tour for us is to complement the bands so we play to set-up the vibe. Monastery will feel the full force of the musical equivalent of sexual frustration. We’re going to come out guns blazing with a mountain of energy. Add to that I will be covered in goats cheese with a small Indian child tied to my chest and it should be memorable.

Can we expect you to drop the 'Baywatch' theme mid set?
Hahaha! Ever since our ‘Gaywatch’ megamix years ago people still request that song to this day. Since you asked nicely... no... ...ok fine.

What's been the strangest encounter you've faced whilst on tour?
Disc Jockey Hansom and myself went to see a movie in Hobart and got lost in this little town. We ended up getting a cab ride with a 50-year old woman who also worked as a prostitute out of her cab and was offered money by a dude while we were in the cab. That reminds me... Disc Jockey Hansom owes me 300 bucks!

Supporting the likes of The Presets, Felix da Housecat, Switch; does it boost your confidence to play in front of those kind of cats?
Yeah it does. You can get very complacent performance wise if you play the same places every week. We are lucky enough to always be playing to new crowds. Also getting to play with some of the people who inspired us to start DJing in the first place is also a big honour.

When you're watching other DJs perform, what's the one thing that makes you cringe the most, where pure hatred boils over and you have to give them a verbal spray?
I once saw a hard house DJ at a festival that will remain nameless, play an entire pre-recorded hour and a half set to a huge crowd and just pretended to twiddle the knobs. I'm sure this probably happens more than I'm aware of, but this guy was just SO happy with himself. I didn't give him a verbal spray but I did spit my Long Island ice tea all over my brand new jodhpurs.

Further to that, have you ever been compelled to jump in a DJ booth and grab the headphones and take over another DJ's set?
No, never had the urge to do that. But I do break into a lot of DJs houses and take over their identities. Just call me Tommy ‘Trash/Trumpet’ Van Goodwill... Dance legend!!

One of the photos on your MySpace has you guys looking the part in leather jackets - what constitutes a kickarse jacket that not only looks good but is equally practical?
Wow, there’s a lot of leather in that photo isn't there. I assure you it wasn't planned. Our manager begged us to not wear the leather chaps so I guess we compensated. A good leather jacket has to be wearable after a big night on tour but can still say "hey... I dig the Bloody Beetroots, I'm cool right?".

Hey Now DJs support The Galvatrons and Cassette Kids at The Zoo September 5; they then back-up later that night at Monastery.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009 13:50

Sampology : Interview

Shifty Visuals

Spending a little time away from the Brisbane clubbing scene, Sampology has been abroad with partner in musical crime Tom Thumb. Now headed back home Sampology will be representing his local peeps when he unleashes the Super Visual Disco next month.

You've got the fourth Super Visual Disco night happening August 1 - what can punters expect this time round?

"A completely new audio visual show, with heaps of new routines that I’m really confident will make for a crazy, fun night. My audio visual arsenal has been growing quite rapidly lately. I have lots of my own new edits and tricks as well as heaps of new awesome weird sources I have been finding on my trip. So far I have found a 50s documentary about the dangers of rock music, a James Brown TV dance show from the mid 70s, a Chuck Norris advertisement for work-out equipment I taped from US TV and a bunch of other crazy visuals to sync-up with some new sounds."

How has the event evolved over the last three outings?

"Well, the first one was basically just me getting my head around the technology. I was mixing and cutting a bunch of clips from TV shows, music videos and some real basic edits I had done. The second and the third I really started getting busy on doing a lot of my own edits and putting more work into creating cool routines and secret weapons. The one coming up, I’m going all out with all killer no filler. I’ll also have my mates, Strictly Lowdown, blending my visuals with a live feed to see what’s going on from the turntables as well as other sprinkles of visual bliss."

We've been told this show is like the 'best night of Rage ... rolled into 1.5hrs'. Are your PR folks lying to us, or are they telling the truth?

"Ha ha! I didn’t even know I had ‘PR folks’? I love Rage so much, but the Super Disco show is so much more than just music video clips! It’s all kinds of videos and music mixed live using turntables. Basically, when the record moves backward and forward so does the audio and the video and sync."

You're returning from overseas for this night - you looking forward to getting back to Brisbane?

"Umm... yes, I miss all my crew! Don't get me wrong, the trip has been brilliant but I really love playing in Brisbane and seeing familiar faces out on the floor. Also, everything you buy in Britain is the same figure as in Oz, but in Pounds, so you end up paying double for everything!"

You've been travelling with Tom Thum - through the US and the UK; how has the trip been?

"Really great. It's been with a music/acrobatic group called Tom Tom Crew, it also features the amazing talents of Ben Walsh (from The Bird) on drums as well. Everyone gets their own place to shine in the show as well as lots of jamming together. We are playing loads of shows every week and most have been selling out which has been wicked."

Looking at the photos on your Facebook, you've done some wild shows - especially the one in the giant purple Udderbelly in London; what was happening there?

"Udderbelly is basically that, a giant upside purple cow tent in the middle of London on the river. They do lot of comedy and variety shows, Jimeoin was playing in it when we came to London. Up in Edinburgh Tom Tom are doing a season at the purple cow as well; for the two weeks we are sharing the night with Rhys Darby from Flight of the Concords, can’t wait..."

That same Facebook photo album also has a picture of Phil Collins taped to the inside of a suitcase - 'fess up, what's the story Sam?

"Man, it's a long story, you have to ask Ben Walsh that one, I actually don't want to tell it. It might offend some Genesis fans."

Once you're done with this show, I'm told by a Shifty bird that you're taking the Super Visual Disco Party to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival... true story?

"Yeah, indeedy. I have a couple of club shows booked for Edinburgh during Fringe and will be doing a SVDP for one of them."

The Shifty crew present Sampology’s Super Visual Disco night at the Empire Saturday August 1.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009 15:07

Mightyfools : Interview

Hotel Showers

Mightyfools’ MySpace may describe their musical stylings as ‘Idol, flamenco, traditional Chinese’, but reality says that the Dutch duo bring crunchy electro and crazy house to dancefloors everywhere.

If we were to give you the theme song from ‘Jaws’, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and a nasty electro bassline, what would Mightyfools produce?

We would listen and dance to ‘Thriller’, imitate sharks in the pool and bite girls, and then return to the studio and use that nasty electro bassline.

Track selection during a DJ set; are you guys making choices on the fly or do you spends hours in your hotel room prior to the show crafting the perfect set?

We spend hours in our hotel rooms sleeping and showering. The shower is very important in preparing our performances, we have a top ten of showers in hotels around the world. In Paris they have a great one, however in Bruges it was just a watertap mounted high and it felt like somebody taking a dump on your face.

You're both known for being party junkies; c'mon, give us the most outrageous stunt/antic you've done whilst performing?

We don't do our own stunts, we got Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris for that. Crowd surfing is very dangerous. Don't do it kids!

What are the necessary ingredients for the ultimate, sleazy night out full of deviant actions, stupid pranks, a family of ducks in your hotel bathroom and a complete memory blank?

This is the craziest question we’ve had in an interview! Stupid pranks are a daily routine. Ducks as well. Best ingredients is a good sound system, great people, your best mood and a Mightyfools DJ set. Let the music do the rest. It's loud enough to do so!

The Mightyfools artist album; when can we expect it?

There are no official plans for this yet. So far, we're really enjoying doing EPs and remixes ... however if we get the chance to do an album I think we'd do it, just to be able to fill the CD booklet with crap, like X-rated pictures and bad drawings from that special Saturday night you can't remember anymore.

If you were given free reign to select any classic pop track to remix, what would you select?

Difficult question. Maybe Cameo’s ‘Candy’; we dig that smooth, classic shit. The lyrics are too good to be true! ‘She's like Candy!’ We'd probably turn it into the hardest club banger! Romantic vocals go great with crazy synths and a loud-ass kickdrum.

Mightyfools play Dirty Thursdays at Monastery July 23.

Wednesday, 08 July 2009 15:19

The Brown Birds Of Windy Hill : Interview

Choc Fingers

Nestled in amongst the lush greenness of Byron Bay, The Brown Birds of Windy Hill craft  music that harks back to the Sunnyboys and The Saints, but retains a modern slant. Band member Andrew Kidman has a chat to us ahead of their ‘Last Hope’ shows.

So you've probably been asked a hundred, squillion times; but the band's name - what are the origins of it?

"It’s a drunken brown bird that’s woken from it’s sleep by a cyclone and blown from it’s mantle on a windy hill. Brown Bird = Choc Finger."

You're playing Never Land this weekend; what are you bringing to the party that's going to make the kids pee their pants?

"The Birds are playing live to the visuals from the film ‘Last Hope’. It’s like a 3D sonic performance, we’ve done it a few of times now and it gets pretty trippy. It’s easy to get lost in everything that’s going on, which is what we’re trying to do."

Where are you at with a follow-up recording to the 'Last Hope' project?

"We’re about two thirds of the way through the new album, hopefully it’ll be done before we leave for New York in September."

You lads create something pretty unique with your take on the retro rock genre; although the music is definitely has a linked spirit to the 70s, there's a real modern tip to it as well - how do you craft music that sounds retro but modern at the same time?

"I’m not sure, that’s how it should be really, just trying to break ground I guess. We spend a lot of time jamming and seeing what hits the floor; sometimes it’s shit, sometimes it’s good, hopefully we’re working on the good stuff. It seems like if it’s fun to play and has spirit it’s usually pretty good. There’s five of us so it’s hard to get away with anything."

The surfing culture obviously plays a major role for you guys - how important is it to the music you make, play?

"It’s not important at all. The music is about the music. That’s what we live for, the surf does a good job of cleaning us up in the mornings. It definitely makes you feel better."

The Brown Birds of Windy Hill play Never Land Friday July 10 and Mullumbimby RSL July 12.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 13:45

Rhys Bynon : Interview

Thanks Mum!

Byron Bay resident via Melbourne, Rhys Bynon will be pumping the house directly into your inner ear this Saturday when Trip, Kicks lays down the goodness at the Great Northern.

So your Mum bought you your first set of turntables. How much did that change your life?

Thanks Mum! However, I think she may have thought twice about it had she known what she was getting me into!

Has your Mum ever ventured out to catch one of your sets?

No, never. I think she'd heard enough house music banging out of my bedroom in the early days.

How did those early years playing clubs in and around Melbourne shape your DJing style?

I used to play a lot of uni nights and when you're playing to a crowd that may not always be so musically savvy, you quickly realise what works in a club and what doesn't. It was an invaluable learning experience to say the least. But lots of fun!

For those folks unfortunate not to have witnessed a Rhys Bynon set, what have they been missing out on?

All sorts of ill shit!

For those people who think DJs live a world of parties and landing hot girls - how hard is the slog when the night ends and you're left to pack up in an empty bar?

It can be tough sometimes, but the experience of playing to a full club more than makes up for it.

You're playing Trip, Kicks this weekend - what sort of mayhem will you be programming for the punters?
Nothing too serious. Just good house music to get the heads dancing and smiling.

The guys behind the Trip, Kicks night are doing great things for the Byron electronic  scene - it must be great to have heads pushing the scene forward?
The boys are doing an excellent job. The fact that their last two parties have sold out proves this.

You've studied audio production at SAE in Byron - is a career producing in the works?
Maybe. I love working on my own productions but can't really see myself in the control room pushing buttons for rock bands.

What was it like to support Norman Jay?
Yeah, Sir Norman was a great guy. Definitely a seasoned professional; on the orange juices all evening. But I guess you don't become a knight by being a fiend.

Rhys Bynon will be joined by Jeremy Pritchard, Pob, Captain Kaine and a host of others for Trip, Kicks’ ‘Fiends Are 4Ever’ at the Great Northern June 20.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 13:40

Pete Smith : Interview

Sayonara Rulebook

Met resident DJ Pete Smith has played pretty much every major club in the land and a fair swag overseas too, but ... *big sigh* ... he’s happiest rockin’ the dancefloor in his home town of Brisburg - and the rulebook? Forget about it!

So, word on the clubland grapevine has a big birthday bash being planned for your good-self at The Met - what sort of shenanigans are planned for the night?

Shenanigans a plenty that’s for sure! There’s gonna be cake, entertainment (maybe a clown or two), games, basically a whole heap of fun till little Johnny starts running around with a stick and pokes someone’s eye out.

You've played every club of repute up and down the east coast of Australia - how does Brisbane's scene compare to our southern cousins?

I think we’re right up there. I wouldn’t want to live in any other city in Australia for that reason alone. It’s rare if Brisbane ever misses out on a great artist and if we do well ‘meh’ we didn’t want them anyway. I find that Brisbane DJs have a great connection with their audiences.

House music - where do you think the style is at as we head into the second decade of the 21st Century?

I think we’re at one of the biggest music crossroads in a long time. A lot of the barriers between genres have broken down with producers borrowing from completely different styles to make new fusions of music. While many are still just jumping on the bandwagon of the latest sound there are an ever increasing amount rewriting the rulebook and creating gold and a lot of those at the frontier are Australians.

Resident DJ at The Met - how has the club shaped Brisbane's clubbing scene over the last couple of years?

From the direction of our music to some of the amazing events and guests we have hosted, it’s added another dimension to the scene for sure. There’s no other place in the entire country where you have this amazing entertainment precinct like the Valley where you can wander up the road and have access to so many styles and options for a good night. To The Met’s credit - the club’s got an amazing team from top to bottom and it’s the dedication of all of them which has built it to where it is today.

Catch Pete Smith playing at The Met every Friday and Saturday night.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009 16:03

James Canning

Respect The Music

In a market saturated with clubs, Sounds on Circle provides something a little different for punters. Think tasty beats whilst you dine and sexy rhythms to accompany your dress shopping. Located at Circle on Cavill, in Surfers Paradise, James Canning is one of the resident DJs providing the tunes for Sounds on Circle.

Sounds on Circle seems like an excellent way to spend an evening out; what sort of music are you spinning?
Between Lucas Black, Daniel Carter and myself we play a diversity of soul, funk and jazz inspired beats, perfect for diners in the surrounding restaurants. It is the perfect place to start the night off.

The music scene on the Gold Coast is a different beast compared to what's happening in Brisbane; what does the Coast have that the city lacks?
Well the GC has beaches! Oh and of course Respect Music (Canning’s musical enterprise). On a serious note though, we are currently looking into getting our sound up into the Brisbane market. I feel that the Brisbane market is far from lacking, I only wish such diversity upon the Gold Coast.

As great as the Coast is at the moment, what development would you like to see happen next for the music scene?
Things we could use “more” of to strengthen and evolve the scene: Different is good in my eyes, even if it is not my preferred sound, at least it is different and someone took a risk in standing strong for what they love. I admire this, as it brings about evolution and growth of the scene and arts. Anyone pushing new things has my support 100 percent. Things we could use “less” of to strengthen and evolve the scene: People who do not take responsibility for their actions and who have a clouded perception of what it is to respect others. These people’s words mean nothing and that is a terrible energy to be surrounded by.

Playing music to peeps; how nice is it to present fresh music and spin classic tunes for the dancefloor?
It is a great feeling showcasing new tunes, unfortunately the scene doesn’t allow for myself to play to dancefloors too often, this is why we pride ourselves on this with Respect Music Radio each Sunday night on Radio Metro, where we play a diversity of soul, jazz, reggae, Latin, broken beats, funk, disco and house, with the majority of the music being new productions.

If you could support any act in the world, who would it be?
The people I would like to support? I don’t think I would be worthy of doing so, but if given the opportunity I would love to perform supports for the likes of Patrice Rushen, Raphael Saadiq, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, D’Angelo. It’s a great thing to dream!

Away from the DJ booth, you have a few things on the boil with Respect Music - how busy is the lifestyle of James Canning?
No such thing as time off, put it that way, but hey I would be doing nothing else as I love what I do and the dreams are all slowly coming into fruition. We have a radio show, a label with releases ready to go and we have a successful and growing agency. I have even started to collaborate on tracks with peers, which is flattering. All of this is thanks to the many people who help me every day, people who have played parts devoting their time to our mission statement, ‘Love, Respect, Music’, or believe in what we do and invest in us.

What are your thoughts on the proposed Venice-styled development for the Gold Coast - thumbs up?
I knew nothing of this. But it sounds like a step toward a classier destination, which encompasses what we specialise in musically. Thumbs up from me.

James Canning plays Sounds On Circle, at Circle on Cavill, Saturday May 30.


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