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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 10:35

Bullhorn: Neo-Brass

Local brass ensemble Bullhorn are about to embark on an east coast tour for their new single, ‘Resonate Right’.

Founding member Steve Buchanan says the group was born from his desire to create a horn band with a modern edge.

“I'd always played horns in roots, funk and reggae bands. I was just really keen to put a band together that was all horns to show they could form a band in their own right, and where we could play modern material as well. There's a lot of brass bands that play New Orleans beat and Eastern European gypsy stuff, but what we're playing is more funk-soul reggae hip hop. We're working with MCs to create a more modern sound.”

With the release of 'Resonate Right' and their sophomore album due out later this year, Steve says the recording process this time around has been about refining their signature sound with an emphasis on quality.

“We've been working with Roman MC who wrote some of the lyrics and we've got Laneous of Laneous & The Family Yah as a guest vocalist on the chorus. We've been recording the new album at The Burrow in Clayfield. The first album was fairly low budget but this time we've spent a lot more money and time getting a good recording together. We're really happy with the single and the tracks from the album are coming along really well, but we've still got a long way to go.”

Steve says Bullhorn is excited about their upcoming shows with Sydney hip hop trio True Vibenation.

“There will be an upbeat party vibe. I'm really looking forward to it and I think we will work well together. It’s the same sort of funk hip hop stuff with a lot of horns. I think it will be a great night.

“We're really wanting to push more national touring, especially in Sydney and Melbourne for the album launch. We're doing Village Arts festival up in Yeppoon later this year. At the moment we've got a lot of festival applications pending  for the second half of the year.”

Bullhorn play The Joynt May 10, Solbar Maroochydore May 11, The Brewery Byron Bay May 26 and Mandala Arts Cafe, Gold Coast, June 1.

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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 10:14

Your Theatre Company

Experienced theatre actors have come together to launch a project that looks to create new production opportunities.

Samuel Klingner and his fellow actors kickstarted the Your Theatre Co project, which is a world first production company entirely funded by its audience.

“There's no real employment opportunities for professional theatre actors in Brisbane. There's a lot of red tape to go through with professional investors. So we thought it would be an idea that the community would really get behind.”

The smaller Brisbane market has been a major factor in the lack of jobs available, but Klingner believes the surge of crowdfunding projects is a good sign for the future of Your Theatre Co.

“People really like being involved with different projects. They like the idea of saying ‘oh yeah, I was a part of that’. It makes them feel good about themselves as well. I've put money towards a few projects including a musical that's being produced on Broadway.”

Contributors to the project will receive perks and Klingner says the team wanted to make sure people got their money's worth.

“We wanted to make sure we were giving away something to equal to how much the person was contributing. The biggest incentive involved is the naming and voting rights for the company.”

He hopes to begin production as soon as the goal of $100k is reached.

“Once that's all sorted we'll send out the information to our contributors. It will be all systems go to get the production on its feet.”

The first few shows will most likely be popular productions with wide appeal and Klingner says this is an important step towards building a fan base.

“Something from Broadway or West End that people will be familiar with. We have to make sure we build up our customer base before we can start producing lesser known shows. The biggest thing people can do is to go along to more shows and talk to their friends about the need for more theatre in Australia.”

For more information click here.

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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 00:25

Shaun Kirk: Top Five Gigs

1. Gary Clark Jr at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne – 2013. I discovered this guy only a few months back through an Eric Clapton ‘Crossroads’ DVD and have been somewhat obsessed ever since. When I heard he was coming to Melbourne while I was back home at the same time I had to be there. What a guitar player!

2. Tony Joe White at Ruby’s Lounge, Melbourne – 2009. A friend of mine called me to see if I wanted to go and see a guy called Tony Joe White, otherwise known as ‘The Swamp Fox!’ Naturally with a title like that I was intrigued. Little did I know that this ‘Swamp Fox’ fellow was going to change my perspective on how I want to make music.

3. Buddy Guy at Bluesfest, Byron Bay — 2010. The best entertainer on the planet in my opinion. No fancy lights show, no crazy million dollar theatrics, just a straight up, in your face blues gig! I’ve never witnessed somebody hold a crowd in the palm of their hand like Buddy does.

4. Bob Dylan at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne – 2007. Dylan was the first influence on my songwriting as I can imagine he is to many others. To watch him walk out on stage that night was something I was pretty convinced I wouldn’t witness. The best thing about this gig was that I could barely understand a word that was coming from the man’s mouth, yet at the end of each song I felt I had been told a story I could completely understand. Amazing!

5. Tedeski Trucks Band at Bluesfest – 2013. I was well aware of the quality of the Tedeski Trucks Band prior to seeing them this year. But witnessing them live was something spectacular. Trucks is one of my all-time favourite guitar players and together with the massive ensemble of amazing musicians in the band every single song was mindblowing.

Shaun Kirk plays The Joynt May 12, Solbar Maroochydore May 16 and Beach Hotel Byron May 17.
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Monday, 06 May 2013 15:51

DJ Bribe: The Innovator

Hip hop, house and techno music had many champions during its seminal days in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, but none stuck with filmmaker Simon Walshe like DJ Bribe (aka DJ Angus).

“He was a different kind of DJ,” Walshe explains. “He was a hip hop turntablist first of all, and was known as DJ Bribe, and he was basically ahead of his time in terms of his skills and ability on the decks around '89, 1990, '91. And he took those skills from his hip hop culture into the dance music culture as well. So he combined those skills, and in doing that he just created an electrifying mix.”

Walshe hopes to capture that incredible talent in the upcoming documentary, 'Flow', which chronicles the life and career of Angus Galloway, who sadly passed away in February 2008, aged 38.

“Twenty years later, I still think about those days, and that's what inspired me to tell the story,” Walshe says. “Angus was really leading the way in terms of music, DJ innovation at that time. I mean, he was playing house and techno music, and then scratching old-school hip hop samples over the top of it, and just, you know, blowing people away. He just added another dimension to the music, [where] other DJs didn't have that ability.”

The half-hour film will have Angus' story as its centrepiece, and incorporate interviews with friends and fellow artists, archival show footage, photos, and plenty of the music that shaped the era.

“It's also about recognising an incredible time culturally in Australia, musically and fashion-wise,” Walshe says. “There's a ton of music to get in there, which is what I'm really looking forward to as well. We're looking at stuff from the early days of hip hop from New York, like Sugarhill Gang, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, right through until like the heady days of techno into house music, John Digweed and all those big songs that came out. There'll be photos, and there's video footage, and it's funny because the quality is obviously dated, and there's people's fashions — caps and brightly coloured clothing — so that'll look really cool too.”

Although Angus' untimely death was a tragic end to his story, Walshe prefers that the emphasis be on a life well-lived.

“The story is a celebration of a life. And Angus lived a hundred lives, so he lived it to the fullest. Sadly enough, and you'll find that in a lot of cases in the entertainment industry, it's only when someone has gone that you realise how much influence they had on the scene and on the culture.”

That influence is obvious, with the project already gaining plenty of interest from fans in every corner of the country, which Walshe says has come from both the expected demographic of 40-somethings and a new wave of Gen-Yers.

“There's people who are genuinely interested and excited about the story being told, because they think he deserves it. It has picked up a lot of interest and I've been getting phone calls and emails and people messaging me on Facebook telling me that this is a fantastic idea and they're really excited about it. A lot of people want to help out, which is sort of a testament to Angus' character — you know, he knew so many people and he was such a genuine guy.”

Walshe hopes Angus' enduring legacy will boost the production's soon-to-be-launched crowd-funding scheme on website Pozible.

“That [begins on] June 3 and it'll run for 60 days. So that site hasn't gone live yet but if people get onto the Facebook page they can keep up to date with it, and we'll be launching that campaign. We've set a modest target of $8000, and that means we're covering our costs without burning up our credit cards. So that will mean that we can actually really get going, and pick a camera and start shooting interviews, which is what it's all about.”

The film is set for a mid-2014 release date, and Walshe hopes that the piece will screen at film festivals as a platform for gaining a wider audience.

“I think initially the story will have a lot of appeal at film festivals, because it's going to be colourful, it's going to have a lot of good music, and it's going to be very entertaining. This is a story that people can identify with all around the UK and Europe and the US, because it was a global phenomenon, that house and techno music, hip hop music that was hitting the airwaves all around the world in the late '80s and the early '90s. This is a story for everyone.”

Pozible crowd-funding for 'Flow' will open June 3.

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