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48 Hour Film Project: Film In Preview

‘The 48 Hour Film Project’ is a wild and crazy filmmaking competition where teams must write, shoot, edit and deliver a short film in only 48 hours.

Now in its 9th year locally, Brisbane filmmakers will join more than 60,000 people from 120 countries to see who can make the best short film in a weekend. The organiser of the Brisbane leg of the competition Matt Grehan shares more.

Describe this event in 5 words? (plus one number!?)
Brisbane films made in 48 hours.

What is your role?
I am the City Producer so I organise the whole event from recruiting filmmaking teams to gathering sponsors, plus organising the judging process, prizes and creating screening tapes. Basically I put on the event to encourage emerging filmmakers in Brisbane to have an avenue to create films and have them screened to the public.

Why do you love films?
I’ve always loved films because they show new and interesting worlds that can take you away from whatever you’re doing at the moment. They’re basically just big stories that have this amazing ability to entertain and I love being able hear, see and feel all the different stories that everyone has to tell.

What are the entries like this year?
The entries this year are amazing. Every year you think, 'How did these guys manage top pull off these films in only 48 hours!?' We had 38 teams enter — the most Brisbane has even seen — and the quality from them all is just phenomenal. We’re really proud of the emerging Brisbane filmmakers’ scene.

Best short film you've even seen?
I really loved a short film from Disney that came out last year called ‘Paperman’ which is this little love story between a man and a woman. It’s a cute story and looks amazing plus it’s animated. Another favourite is called ‘Glenn Owen Dodds’, which was shot in Brisbane a few years back about a man who meets God aka Glenn Owen Dodds who teaches him a few life lessons.

What makes a great short film?
I think to make a great short film it should be a short, simple idea that transcends any language barriers. I think the best shorts are silent and tell a quirky story with a really clever twist that makes you smile. I’m sure others would have different ideas, but that’s what I like.

What would the world be like without short films?
Well, short films are what basically all major filmmakers cut their teeth on. So if we didn’t have short films, we possibly wouldn’t have feature films and movies at the cinemas. Filmmakers first started making shorts, before moving onto longer ones. So if we suddenly stop making shorts now, the new generation of feature filmmakers might not exist and we won’t get any movies in the future. We don’t want that to happen so we need to continue to support short filmmaking!

‘The 48 Hour Film Project’ is at the Judith Wright Centre Oct 4-5.

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