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Alex Williamson: Comedy In Preview

After racking up over 33 million YouTube views on his videos, Alex Williamson has certified his place in Australian comedy and has the 'Disturbing and Distressing' live stand-up show to prove it.

“I've explored some very dark and fucked up places in my stand-up and tried to find the lighter side of it all at the same time, so I can understand how it would be distressing and disturbing to perhaps some of the older generation. But young people my age, I don't think they would find it distressing or disturbing at all,” Alex explains.

In Alex's live show he explores the realm of a bogan Australia, tapping into characters like the eloquently named 'The Loosest Aussie' and 'Musical Drug Dealer'.

“Around the tracks, south of Adelaide where I lived, some of the characters aren't quite characters. They are scary, frighteningly real people who still find it hilarious when they see me imitate them. They don't realise I'm laughing at them so that's convenient.”

After a quick look at Alex's infamous YouTube channel, it's clear that he has every reason to fear the rough Aussie bogans that he impersonates. References to hard drugs, murder and sexual assault are  staples in his specific flavour of comedy, which definitely narrows his fan demographic.

“I know my target audience. Young males are definitely the strongest demographic but I'm certainly trying to open that up and not just to Australian people, but to the world. That's one thing I'm trying to work on now, giving it more of a global appeal, rather than just focusing on the Australian market because if I can get a viral video in fucking India or China or some shit, happy days!”

Alex's self-taught skills in comedy, acting and music, coupled with a media-related university degree, have all helped him progress to where he is today.

“The media studies and the film-making and editing side of things was through a university course and studies at school. But all those other things, the music, the comedy and the writing ... yeah, I just went out there and did it. It took a long time to get it right, a lot of practice but it's starting to take shape. I think in a way I was expecting success eventually but not straight away.”

Alex has been involved in the comedy/ entertainment industry since 2007, and on October 19 all of his hard work, racial slurs, insinuated sexual discrimination, bogan impersonating and mock drug use will pay off. He is filming a live stand-up DVD at the Tivoli.

“They really get on board up there in Brisbane. I don't know what it is in the water, but they are fucking party animals and they just love to laugh and they love to have a great time. I've probably taken a show up there more times than anywhere else and they're still keen as balls, so yeah, I'm pumped to get up there.”

According to Alex, the Tivoli crowd can expect some pretty honest talk.

“[Punters can expect] some pretty real shit. Because it's the DVD filming, I'll be pulling out all of my best stuff and more music than usual and some new stuff that you guys haven't seen up in Brisbane before. But yeah, in the last three or four months of touring I've learned a lot about the world. I've been to fucking Edinburgh to do gigs there. I did 22 shows in a row in Melbourne and lost my fucking mind so I've got some stories for these people.”

Alex Williamson performs at The Tivoli on Saturday October 19 for one show only.

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