BEAF will take over the Judith Wright Centre for a celebration of all things artsy and provide an outlet for emerging artists.

Now in its third year, BEAF has gone from strength to strength with over 157 people from Brisbane's art community taking part in the event in its first year at the Judith Wright Centre. Festival director Travis Dewan says they have triple the artists from any other year.

“The production value of the centre is really professional which means that our artists can realise their work to a really high standard. This year is going to be such an eclectic mix of disciplines all mixing into one,” he said.

Showcasing their talent will be visual artists, performance artists and dancers, spoken word performances, musical acts and two short films. Many of the artists are recent graduates hungry to break onto the scene.

“What it has assisted artists with is producing a professional portfolio and allowing them the opportunity to be part of that festival experience. It’s hard for young emerging artists to be in festivals so BEAF acts as a really important catalyst for artists to develop their work and show that in a festival context to the largest audience possible so it's really valuable for them,” said Travis.

Travis believes BEAF is also an opportunity for interdisciplinary mingling as well as an outlet to the wider public.

“A challenge with Brisbane is that although it's a small place, we don't tend to leave our cliches or circles and as a visual artist, they don't see a lot of music or dance. Its important that the festival supports them but its also creating a bridge to a wider audience and getting new critical perspective outside of their usual circle.”

Travis insists the audience is just as important as the artists showcasing and the best part? It's completely free. “It's for the people and it's by the people of Brisbane.”

BEAF 2013 will be take place on Saturday July 27 at the Judith Wright Centre.

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