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Blak: Dance In Preview

Through the synergy of dance and sound, some of Australia’s finest artists unite to tell emotionally charged stories of a contemporary clan.

Drawn from the artists’ own urban perspectives, Bangarra’s ‘Blak’ is a powerful work of dance theatre that encapsulates modern indigenous Australia and the collision of two worlds.

Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Stephen Page and dancer/ choreographer Daniel Riley McKinley expose the universal yearning for spiritual connection, by merging the worlds of old and new indigenous culture.

Bangarra’s artist in residence and music composer, David Page, collaborates with multi-ARIA award winning artist Paul Mac, on the production’s exciting musical soundscape. “I think as collaborators you can’t just play it safe. It’s been a collaboration of music knowledge between us. We took it to that level of really contemporary sonic, electronic sounding music that still has the element of traditional voice.”

According to David, ‘Blak’ is broken up into three powerful sections.

“They are all very much about the subject of black, who is black, what is black, because people can put you in that pigeonhole of Aboriginality, and we wanted to explore that.

“Scar, is the piece where a clan of boys prepare their spirits for the physical and mental journey of entering manhood. It’s really energetic and choreographed by Daniel [Riley McKinley], who’s dancing in it as well.

“Yearning, the female piece follows; it’s about respecting female existence. Musically, what I did was I got the dancers to research their own indigenous language and I recorded their native tongue, which I then incorporated in.

“In the last piece, Keepers, the men and women unite and pay homage to our elders, celebrating life, traditional culture and ceremonies. It’s really contemporary, like going to a nightclub or a traditional dance party.”

BLAK arrives at QPAC July 18-27.

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