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Dizzy: Hypnotism In Preview

Don't let his name fool you — being hypnotised by Dizzy won't leave you feeling dazed and confused.
Instead, Dizzy’s performances have been likened to being spellbound by a magician, with each strike of his wand casting a smile upon his volunteer's faces. 

“I think the difference between me and another comedy hypnotist is that I don't want to humiliate people on the stage,” Dizzy explains.

“I want them coming away with a positive experience if they volunteer. But when the crowd sees the guys up on stage I want them to be entertained as well.”

Dizzy was taught the tricks of the trade by some of the best in the world. With that said, he doesn't seem to fear breaking the hypnotist's code.

“It's just an altered stage of consciousness … I just relax people and then people basically are more susceptible to suggestion under hypnosis.

“I introduce them to their favourite movie stars and they get to dance with their favourite movie stars. They go through a body building competition and pretend they’re body builders.”

That's not to say people don't genuinely believe they're living a second identity after being enchanted by Dizzy.

“In one of my skits I get people to believe they're on a Jamaican beach in a booty-shaking competition and the prize is one million dollars.

“At the end of one my shows … I told the girl that 'won the competition' that when I clapped my hands one million dollars was going to fall from the sky, and she just screamed out loud ...  She really believed she won one million dollars.”

It also seems that being hypnotised by Dizzy's is the perfect way to forget about the daily grind.

“A lot of people work really hard during the week and they want to just let go, but if you really want to let go, then hypnosis is the ultimate way.”

Dizzy is part of the Brisbane Fringe Festival at the Spring Hill Hotel from Sep 6- 7.

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