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Grindr: A Love Story?

It’s been a crazy year for comedian Nath Valvo and it all started when a friend told him about a little social-networking app named Grindr.

“The day he told me about it I went to the Mac store and bought my iPhone just so I could get Grindr,” Nath explains. “Then I downloaded it and became really addicted and was checking it at the most ridiculous times: I was checking it in job interviews, I did that thing where I was out to lunch or dinner with mates and I wasn’t even listening to them because I had my head down on Grindr.”

Nath’s new show, ‘Grindr: A Love Story?’ hilariously chronicles his experiences with Grindr, a smartphone app used by close to 1.5 million men every day to locate other men in their area and is apparently a neat new way to pick up.

According to Nath though, it has its pitfalls. “I lied to people. I pretended I was addicted to 'Words With Friends' but I was actually using Grindr the whole time. I just thought if I told them I was playing 'Words With Friends' they would think I’m a little less slutty and more intelligent than I am. So, I lied about addiction just so I could use Grindr.

“I think a rock-bottom moment I had was I turned Grindr on at my mate’s grandad’s funeral and I thought, ‘I think I’ve got a bit of a problem here’. So I started writing down all the stupid stuff that was happening and the humiliating moments I had and I got myself into some really awkward bedroom situations,” he says with a laugh. “I had a really crazy year using it so I’ve compiled them all together in one big show.”

Nath says this show differs stylistically to his other stand-up performances such as ‘Almost 30’ which he has recently been touring around the country to widespread critical acclaim.

“The 'Grindr' show is actually very different to my other shows — I present it like a TED talk, almost like an addiction ‘circle of trust’ where I want people to get involved and we actually hook an account live up on the stage through the show and we check live to see what’s happening. So this style of show is different for me but it’s my favourite part because I’ve never done two shows that are the same … I think the Powerhouse will be a bit scarred and won’t be the same after I leave.”

Nath has no fear of perpetuating negative stereotypes. In fact, he is perplexed by the number of people constantly telling him how he’s not the ‘gay’ gay.

“I don’t really get it, because in my stand-up shows I just talk about so much different stuff. I’m always going to talk about what I did on the weekend, a date I went on, my ex — I always talk about that stuff just as much as any other comedian. It just happens to be that I’m gay so I’m talking about how I met a dude or went to a gay club. So I don’t really think it’s a stereotype — I’m just a gay guy doing comedy.    

“That and I have extremely immaculate hair and a fantastic fringe that’s very borderline Justin Bieber so I actually do in fact look like a raging homo, so I don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Nath Valvo performs 'Grindr: A Love Story?' at the Brisbane Powerhouse, October 11 and October 12, 7pm.

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