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Kransky Sisters: Musical Comedy In Preview

The Kransky Sisters’ very own Mourne, aka, Annie Lee, talks articulately about toilet brushes, staying single, fudge and discothèques ahead of their tasty new musical comedy ‘A Piece Of Cake’.

Loved for their oddball antics, droll comic dialogue and hilariously-synchronised song renditions, Mourne, Eve and Dawn come armed with their instrument trolley brimming with a musical saw, tuba, 60s reed keyboard, kitchen pots and trademark toilet brush.

With performances drawn from spinsterhood, naiveté and a somewhat old-world existence, Mourne says the show will feature the sisters’ signature gothic twist on rock and pop tunes from ABBA, AC/DC, Salt and Pepper, George Michael, Rod Stewart, MC Hammer and Queen.

“We glean songs to perform by listening to our wireless radio and selling fudge outside of discothèques,” Mourne says. “People are very hungry after being in a discothèque, so we waited outside and heavens, we were almost asleep when they came out. We heard a song while we were selling the fudge, and we put it in our new show. We hope everyone enjoys it. It’s a nice one about some ladies, single, like ourselves. But we do have the wireless and that’s how we learn most of our songs and keep up with the times. The mayor of Esk is doing well. I was considering running for the mayor myself at one stage.”

On staying single, Mourne says if something needs to be done, there is always someone else’s husband to come and help. “Not everyone can find love; we stick together, though my ideal man would be Robbie Williams. The local abattoir worker, Perry Slice, did come around to take Eve out for tea, but she’s a vegetarian.”

Using the trademark toilet brush as an instrument, was the brainchild of Mourne and Eve. “Eve was in the toilet cleaning, I was in the kitchen and the wireless was playing The Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’. I was listening to the toilet brush scraping away and Eve suddenly popped out, toilet brush in hand and we knew that we must have it in our show. So we cleaned it up and put it in our instrument trolley. Occasionally we use it for the toilet but then we just wash it up, and it’s all good.”

Mourne says her younger sisters Eve and Dawn do need a lot of looking after. “Dawn’s never spoken since our mother left with her father. Sometimes things are best left unsaid and to be quite honest I didn't want to hear about it. She stills sings of course but it’s not much fun playing I Spy in the car, let me tell you. Eve is a bit of a dreamer, she lives somewhere between yesterday’s lunch and today’s breakfast.”

Mourne describes ‘A Piece Of Cake’ as a very nice party, with a few surprises for the audience, thrown in. “They’ll hear some spicy stories of our recent travels to Europe, things we’ve discovered and have happened to us, and our latest songs we've learnt from the wireless. There are very nice people in Brisbane so it’ll be lovely. We might even put Dawn on that big wheel, she's got the stomach for it.”

The Kransky Sisters Perform ‘A Piece Of Cake’ At The Brisbane Powerhouse Aug 9 - 18.

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