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Design For Living: Theatre In Preview

Bringing Noel Coward's classic to life, the Queensland Theatre Company will perform 'Design For Living' this October.

Star of this romantic and hilarious play, Kellie Lazarus says the performance stays true to Coward's 1932 original.

“The film was very different from the original play,” she says. “I think there's only one line from the whole film that was in the play!”

'Design For Living' follows one woman, her effect on two swooning men and the misadventures that follow. Playing the beautiful and outspoken Gilda, Lazarus is joined on stage by her counterparts Tama Matheson, playing Leo and Jason Klarwein (Lazarus' real life partner) playing Otto.

Lazarus says  it’s been a wonderful experience acting alongside Klarwein in an intimate role. “It has been absolutely fabulous.”

Even though the play hit broadway in the '30s, it still appeals to audiences today through its “funny and outrageous” style, Lazarus says. For her, the effort was taken out of over analysing the characters, as the script was excellent.

“All of the work is there on the page, there's very little research needed.”

Lazarus believes it is “a once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to be a part of one of Coward's plays. Apart from Coward, she says she regards Shakespeare highly — her favourite performance so far being 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for a charity event. “Shakespeare is one of my favourites,” she enthuses.

Her theatre company, Grin and Tonic is rumoured to join forces with QTC next year in celebration of the company's 40 year anniversary with a performance of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.

Her hopes for the future involve promoting theatre and the arts and helping other young, budding actors. “I want to play a part in supporting actors in Brisbane by investing in the youth of the area.”

Like a true master of improvisation, Lazarus explains the thing she loves most about theatre: “The fact that you can walk out on stage and anything can happen and anything can go wrong.”

QTC's 'Design For Living' is at the Playhouse, QPAC, from Oct 19 - Nov 10.

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Design For Living Tickets

Queensland Theatre Company's next production is Noel Coward’s famous and scandalously risqué play 'Design for Living'.

Kellie Lazarus as Gilda (‘Road To the She Devils Salon’), Tama Matheson as Leo (‘The Tempest’) and Jason Klarwein as Otto (‘A Streetcar Named Desire’) take the lead roles to form Noel Coward’s intricately woven threesome based on the sexy, boundary pushing 1930s play set in Paris.

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