1. Anything can happen, oh the drama.
Comedy is simple, tell a joke and people laugh. Yes, simple. No, it’s freaking complicated. Physics, gravitational pull, burning superhot gasses, magma and an airless vacuum is what happens when comedy goes wrong, which is hilarious! When it goes right and you laugh, that’s good too.

2. You’ll meet cool people and hook up.
The internet is full of desperate people looking for less desperate people but in reality, misery loves company. Break the cycle. Watch live stand-up, laugh and watch other people laugh. Watching somebody laugh is like getting to see their face when they orgasm. Come faces, hilarious!

3. Have an epiphany.
If you have a brain, a hearty laugh will dip the things that vex you in a bucket of clarity. If you don’t have a brain, stop reading, never come to one of my shows. Look there’s a shiny object, did you just fart, pffft!

4. Learn something.
A good comedian makes a good a point. A great comedian makes a great point. A bad comedian gets you asking yourself, what’s the point? You’ll learn things about yourself, the people around you and about the world. People learn things they never knew like poo is funny.

5. What’s ‘Exploring Uranus’ about?
It’s a bit of fun and a chance to be silly about serious things. I’ve enjoyed performing it and people have laughed. It seems pretty simple.

Desh, the Aussiest South African Comedian in the world, is finishing his Brisbane season of his new stand up show, 'Exploring Uranus' at the Sit Down Comedy Club Paddington Tavern on Sept 15 and 22.

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