1.'Kids'. I went through a phase where I would seek out any arthouse film I could find, and so began my penchant for Larry Clark films. Eleven year-old me didn't quite understand the ramifications of underage non-consensual AIDS sex but he was greatly influenced by real people versus actors cast in the film, and the improvisation versus scripted work.

2.'The Little Mermaid'. It foreshadowed the 'theatrical flair' I would have in later life. I wanted to be Ursula.

3.'Aliens'. Something about strong women with guns resonated from a young age. I think I also confused Sinead O'Connor and Sigourney Weaver.

4.'Enter the Dragon'. I didn't really like martial arts films, but if I watched them with my father I could bargain for later bedtimes.

5.'Moonwalker'. I wanted (and still dream of) a singing-dancing-music video reality. I wanted to be in a gang — but only if they had dance battles with guns.

Close runners up: 'Robinhood Prince of Thieves', 'Spaceballs', 'Terminator 2', 'The Labyrinth', 'Grease',  'Friday  the 13th' and 'A Chorus Line'.

Steven Mitchell Wright is directing Brisbane Festival and La Boite’s co-production 'The Wizard of Oz' until Saturday September 28.

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