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Curley haired DJ Sampology keeps on top of the beat, mixing old school videos, spinning turntables and always eating his crusts.

Pulling together a collection of horror films, Disney movies, cringingly awful videos, YouTube clips and wacky commercials, Sampology brings something fresh to his sets. “It's an AV set so there is a big stage and massive screen behind me. It's me manipulating video and sound at the same time using turntables … I wanted to try and think about something that people could get involved with as well.”

Sampology's style is a tasty mix of all different flavours, taking inspiration from fellow Australian beat droppers. “I knew I wanted to make music when I first heard Avalanche's 'Since I Left You' album … and even though the term eclectic is over used I do like to play lots of different types of music. In an atmosphere like a festival it's very much about bringing the party and combining a lot of different styles of music.”

Even though Sampology is now a veteran of the Brisbane dance scene, being an AV DJ isn't all fun and games.
“It is very time consuming and I like to work really hard when I play a set, not just push play. I put together the set beforehand, for the most part, then set different avenues I can go in if I feel like going in a different direction.”

While he says that sleep deprivation is how he makes his best work, he isn't too concerned about missing his whole 40 winks and channeling his inner geek. “For me being an AV DJ means becoming even more of a nerd than I actually am. It's going from being purely just a music nerd to then taking on a new burden. That's with all the positives and negatives that accompany it. But I love it; I wouldn't have it any other way.”

Internationally touring his inner geek, with a new single nearly ready to drop and the beginnings of a brand spanking new show, Sampology still calls Brisbane home.   
“There's a certain comfort level of looking out and knowing that if you drop certain tracks people will come with you. You've already got that on your side and you can take it a lot further I think. I love playing in Brisbane.”


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