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Friday, 01 June 2012 06:36

Point The Bone: Dubmarine

Featuring an animated battle between a five-legged octopus and a robot, the latest video clip from Dubmarine takes stop motion animation to a whole new level.

Filmed for the Dubber’s second single, ‘Point The Bone’ — from debut LP 'Depth Of Sound' — the video took more than 200 hours to shoot.

The clip depicts a modern day clash of the titans between octopus and robot, set in a hand-sculpted city-scape. Animator Debbie Steer was assisted by a team of filmmaker friends who’ve worked on such films as ‘Happy Feet 2’, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Sucker Punch’ to create the 'home-made' five-minute clip.

The video is a nod to Ray Harryhausen, a pioneer in stop motion animation whose six tentacled octopus (six instead of eight to save money!) starred in the 1955 flick ‘It Came From Beneath The Sea’.

Dubmarine are currently in the studio recording new material.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012 14:15

Undead Apes: Ready To Rumble

Undead Apes are four friends who banded together after realising they all wanted the same thing: to make catchy punk tunes and have some hardcore fun.

Two and a half years later, the punk-rock outfit have two albums to their name, while they recently supported one of their biggest musical inspirations, The Hard Ons. “I think if you listen to our music and you listen to theirs, they’re probably the band we’ve been inspired by the most … we should really be paying them royalties, if that makes sense,” jokes the group’s bass player, Adam Scott.

What wasn’t a laughing matter was earlier this month when The Hard Ons singer, Peter ‘Blackie’ Black, was bashed while driving a cab in Sydney. The Brisbane band are headed south to play at a benefit gig for their mate. “He’s a cab driver in his day job, and last week he was assaulted … with a couple of kids trying to rob him … he’s on the mend now but he’s not going to be able to work for some time and won’t be able to play shows,” Scott says.

“We’d already booked to play some shows with the Hard Ons in Sydney and Newcastle, but now those will be fundraisers for Blackie, so he can get back on his feet.”

Not ones to shy away from helping out a mate, the Undead Apes approach their songwriting in a similar, no-nonsense way.  “There’s three songwriters in the band. Simon, John and I all write songs. Once we bring them to the band there’s always a little bit of collaborating and changing things around but they don’t really get changed too much.”

Undead Apes have a busy schedule ahead, with an appearance at 4ZZZ’s Rumble Rock Wrestling 4 event next month. And with a third album in the pipeline, Scott says all their energy will turn to that once their hectic gigging schedule settles down. “We’ve got half the new album written already and we’ll be wanting to get in and get a few more songs and then do some recording as soon as possible,” he says.

Undead Apes join Regurgitator at  4ZZZ’s Rumble Rock Wrestling 4 at the Arena Sunday June 10.
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 15:41

Monkeymarc: Keepin' Busy

Monkeymarc is a man of many talents. The Melbourne-based hip hop producer has had a diverse musical career, spanning punk to dubstep. From producing tunes for political hip hop group Combat Wombat to carving an eclectic solo path, and bringing hip hop music to remote Aboriginal communities, there’s little this artist hasn’t already ticked off his bucketlist.

What’s fresh out of the Monkeymarc laboratory at the moment?

There’s lots of new material fresh out of the Solar Lab. I have just finished my new collaborative full length album with UK artist Soom T. We recorded it in Leipzig, Germany, late last year at the end of my European tour. It’s a different sounding album, kind of tough, political sci-fi sounding hip hop with a splash of dub mentality. I have also just produced a song with UK reggae artist YT, which is a big ode to the Occupy movement. It’s a bit of a classic heavy roots reggae anthem.

What was it like to collaborate with Soom T?

It was amazing. She's a great person to hang out with. Very intelligent and passionate and full of amazing ideas. The whole meeting was really by chance. I was on tour with some crew from Al Haca and Jahtari and one of the guys from Jahtari by the name of Dressla was like ‘hey, I think you should meet this girl, Soom T’. So we finished the tour and I ended up in Leipzig. We organised to meet up with Soom for a cup of tea and ended up recording a few tunes that day. Then I had to go to London for the release of my tune with Roots Manuva on his new album, ‘4everevolution’. Then she asked me to come back. So I cancelled my return ticket to Australia and ended up staying. We where only going to do a tune for a single and ended up making a full length album.

And you have plans to tour Europe with Soom T... when will that be happening?

We will release the album in a few months on Renegade Masters and then we are looking like doing a full European tour in Aug/ Sept. We are still booking it but it’s all looking good. We will probably tour UK, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and hopefully Croatia.

Your solo work; when can we expect the next Monkeymarc studio album?

Well it’s maybe a little while off yet as I have been really busy with other projects with Roots Manuva, YT, Soom T, Jahtari, Joelistics, Mantra etc. I’m going to release a more dub heavy hip hop EP with Jahtari in a few months, so that’ll probably be the next solo Monkey Marc thing.

Anything to report from the Combat Wombat camp... are you guys still active?

Yep, we’re still fully active. We also toured Europe last year. It was an amazing and successful tour. We didn't realise we had so many fans over there. We released a split EP on a Belgian punk label last year too. We are currently in the studio recording our next album… it’s sounding fresh. 

You’ve been working on the ‘Transfer Of Knowledge’ workshops in remote Australian Aboriginal communities for over ten years now; how rewarding is it personally to be involved with the program?

It’s incredibly rewarding on a personal level. I am extremely privileged in what I get to see and experience across my travels with my Aboriginal workshops and projects. The projects themselves are proving to be successful in maintaining knowledge and stories in communities where some of those stories have been in danger of being lost. They have also helped in bridging the gap between the old world of the elders and the modern world of the youth ... It’s an amazing thing to blend tradition, language, story and culture and bring it into a modern world to relate to the younger Aboriginal generations.

Monkeymarc plays Roots And Bass at the Hi-Fi Saturday June 16.
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