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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 15:32

The Belligerents: Live Review

The Belligerents are at home in the Valley, at one with their surroundings. Wearing simple white tees, Lewis, James, Konstantin, Andy and White Stag looked so natural on stage I expected to see a recliner couch cushioned in the corner. From the first note of ‘Imagination’, the pace was electric. The crowd took the music and danced with it, heating a windy winter night. The Belligerents fall in line as indie dance, but it feels more like arrival music. Like when nearing a place where fun is expected and anticipated, say a mushroom pick or first day of Splendour — songs that builds a mood.

The Belligerents were a unified group that responded to each other and the crowd. Lewis’ vocals moved with and above the instrumental play of this five-piece during ‘She Calls The Shots’. They incited the crowd to react and the young dancefloor accepted — Coniston Lane blew for ‘Infatuation’.

The Belligerents act was finely tuned, showing the progression their three years together has made. So wild and flagrant were The Belligerents, sweaty, danced-out faces smiled all around. “Encore” was chanted and the boys returned; there was no deterring the musical motion of this band. A big hug ended the show.


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