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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 10:15

2012 Queensland Music Awards

Last night, the State’s finest artists were honoured at the second annual Queensland Music Awards.

Held at Brisbane’s Old Museum, the night belonged to new kids on the block Cub Scouts who picked up two awards including Song Of The Year and the Pop Award for their song ‘Do You Hear’.

Ben Salter collected the Album of The Year Award for his debut solo effort, ‘The Cat’, while Jeremy Neale picked up the Rock Award for ‘Winter Was The Time’.

The Urban Award went to Rainman for ‘The Valley’. Kate Miller-Heidke once again picked up the Courier-Mail Most Popular Female Award – voted for by the public – with Pete Murray collecting the Courier-Mail Most Popular Male Award, while The Grates were voted Most Popular Group.

DZ Deathrays picked up the Export Achievement Award and the legendary Ed Kuepper was recognized for his contribution to the industry, honoured with the Grant McLennan Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rising country music star Harmony James took out the country award, while Marialy Pacheco, who recently took out the prestigious solo pianist award at the Montreux Jazz Festival, received the Jazz Award.

The event also saw the announcement of the Arts Queensland’s $10,000 Billy Thorpe Scholarship, which this year went to newcomers Astrid and The Asteroids.
1. Ted Whitten’s final lap of the MCG. Most inspirational/ emotional moment in sports EVER for me. I was only nine when I watched it, but I cried at the time and get chills every time I think of it. The raw emotion he displayed on that final lap is the epitome of what sport is about. He stuck it right up ‘em even in his very last days.

2. Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic Torch. One of our country’s prouder moments in my opinion. Perfect person to light the flame for the Olympics on our soil.

3. Scott Sattler’s tackle. Sattler's infamous tackle in the ‘03 NRL GF is stuff legends are made of.

4. Michael Long’s ‘93 AFL GF goal. Long's run out of the square to have four bounces, dodge eight Carlton blokes and slot it home will forever be a classic moment.

5. The Last Post. Every ANZAC Day game, every year between Essendon and Collingwood, The Last Post always gives me shivers.

Dwizofoz is among the local contingent who’ll perform at Sprung Festival, at the RNA Showgrounds, Saturday November 10.   
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 16:13

Holly Throsby: Top 5 Lyricists

1. Joni Mitchell. She is my favourite, due mainly to the album 'Blue'. It is colloquial and devastating at the same time. You feel like it's 1971 and you're sitting opposite her in her kitchen. 

2. Paul Simon. He has written so many brilliant songs, but I think the album 'Graceland' is particularly excellent. I know every word, and they dance around like magic. It's so musical and funny and clever and just excellent.

3. Bill Callahan [aka Smog]. I find Smog’s songs to be some of the most arresting things you can hear. They are so punishing and beautiful and sexy.

4. Leonard Cohen. He makes very delicate and detailed and fine sentences. I particularly love the generosity of spirit in his songs. They are such a celebration of love and beauty.

5. For the last one, I can't choose between Morrissey, Patti Smith and Dolly Parton... for entirely different reasons, obviously.

Holly Throsby will play a solo set at Tongues Of Flame, the opening night of the Queensland Poetry Festival, at the Judith Wright Centre Of Contemporary Arts on Friday August 24.
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 16:06

Scott Spark: Top Five Things About New York

1. New York promptly kicks you in the butt, and then hands you an oxygen mask. It's both welcoming and impossible. And the thing that makes it all possible is theatre. A little performance equates to survival and is expected of everyone. It's not dishonest. Just a matter of staying on your toes, making the most of what you can and bringing it to life.

2. The place where I wrote the most was the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. It's a 19th Century five-storey mansion, fashioned into a music school. I treated writing like a job - showing up each morning with a coffee in-hand, opening the windows and writing until I was sick of myself. Eventually, I realised I could see the Statue of Liberty from one of the windows.

3. I spent more evenings at Le Poisson Rouge than anywhere else. It's where Jon Brion held a residency and I almost died from fanboy disbelief. I now know what ‘Tainted Love’ sounds like on the vibraphone.

4. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 I found myself attending a queer variety bash at the High Line Ballroom, where profits went to the families of New York emergency workers. For a sample, search online for a video: "Dirty Martini God Bless The USA".

5. Discovering Rockwood and the Lower East Side. This is where I played my first NY gig. It doesn't look like much, but there's something about the room that makes everything sound spectacular. And it's where I hung out with an old friend, with whom I'd go on to record my second album.

Scott Spark travelled to New York after winning Queensland’s major songwriting prize, the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship (a $25,000 bursary), in 2011. This year’s winner will be announced on August 3 at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts; Scott will perform with Sally McLennan, Kellie Lloyd, Edward Guglielmino, Laneway and Sue Ray.

1. Mental struggle. If you would like to give my human side a gift — my human side being the side of me that strives to be a together person who is generally happy and sane — give me love. If you would like to give my artist side a gift — the artist being the poetic interpreter of life’s equations — take that love away.

2. Rhyming words. On occasions of channelled inspiration I will receive two words that fit together perfectly. When this occurs, I know that it’s time to write because those two words can domino into a soup of endorphins only people of passion will ever relate to. Last time I was given this gift it was 'native tongue.'

3. The craving to perform. When on stage, the idea of staring someone in the eyes can be quite intimidating. I thrive on the idea of forcing myself to engage in activities which scare me, adrenaline pumping, words flowing without even thinking — bathing in a moment of expression will always  get my metaphorical mind member hard.

4. My Dad (S. Sean. Tretheway). As a sleight of hand magician of 40 years my father runs crowds like a boss; it’s almost like mind control the way he guides their eyes. I will always look up to him for his skills in the art of performance detail.

5. My Brother Alex Tretheway aka Babek. My older brother taught me how to rap, enough said.

Kudos is among the local contingent who’ll perform at Sprung Hip Hop at the RNA Showgrounds Saturday November 10.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 13:57

Sarah De Bono: Top Five Edible Essentials

1. Lime milkshakes. Lime has always been my favourite, maybe it’s just because you can’t buy lime topping from the super market and can only get it when you’re out? I always ask cafes everywhere for lime, and if they don’t have it I actually ask why they don’t have lime. I mean if you have blue heaven, lime is just as cool, right?

2. M&M’s. What can I say? They’re colourful, fun and filled with chocolate... you can’t go wrong. Have you ever tried mixing M&M’s with Coco Pops as a breakfast? You are missing out if you haven’t!

3. Chicken. I love chicken with any meal. I always end up eating chicken of some kind. In Sydney, my favourite chicken shop is called Chicken Plus; it’s on Danks Street in Waterloo. I would go at least once a day! Best chicken in town, check it out!

4. Coco Pops. The perfect breakfast for when you need a sugar hit on the run. I can’t count the amount of times Coco Pops has saved me from starvation. It’s fun-filled goodness and always manages to brighten my day.

5. Orange juice. I always find I forget to drink enough water, so orange juice always quenches my thirst and is a good source of vitamin c. You’ll always find me drinking juice before soft drink — I’m always craving juice for some reason.

Sarah De Bono plays the Surfers Paradise Beer Garden Sunday July 22.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 15:18

Little BIGSOUND: Speakers Announced

With some of the world's music elite descending on Brisbane for this year's BIGSOUND in September, QMusic has teamed up with Youth Music Industries (YMI) to create the second annual Little BIGSOUND, a one-day forum for young people aged 14-25 looking to break into the music industry.

The first line-up of speakers for the September 15 event at the Judith Wright Centre include artists Sam Hales (Jungle Giants), Ian Haug (Powderfinger, Airlock Studios) and Jeremy Neale (Velociraptor), who’ll join booking agents Stephen Wade (Select Music) and BJ Hemmling (Cherry Red), Triple J personality Maggie Collins and managers Tom Larkin (Calling All Cars) and Stefan Emslie (Art of Sleeping).

"Little BIGSOUND gives Queensland youth a unique insight behind the closed doors and perhaps the first taste of what could become a fulfilling career in music," YMI's Little BIGSOUND Director Gonzalo Rodino says.
Wednesday, 13 June 2012 11:14

Last Dinosaurs: 'Andy'

Last Dinosaurs have unveiled a very '80s-themed video for their latest track, 'Andy', off the 'In A Million Years' album.
Friday, 11 May 2012 10:00

Delayed Opening: The Loft

Brisbane’s live music scene may have lost another venue, before it’s even opened its doors.

Last Saturday was supposed to be the opening of The Loft (an all ages venue on Musgrave Road at Kelvin Grove) but the Brisbane City Council put a hold on proceedings.

The issue? After submitting his intention for the site six weeks ago, venue manager Stephen Windolf was told he didn’t need to apply for any further permits before opening.

But on Friday, a letter was delivered by environmental officers outlining a $20,000 fine if the venue was to operate.

“If when they'd first gone to us they'd said we needed to get a permit, this wouldn't be an issue at all,” Windolf told City News yesterday.

With an entertainment venue permit taking 20 days to process, The Loft could remain silent for some time to come. And with more than 20 internationals already booked, the venue is now facing financial disaster, with Mr Windolf — who used to operate arts collective The Fort in Fortitude Valley — outlining that the delayed opening had already cost several thousands dollars.
Thursday, 03 May 2012 15:02

Van Miert's Most Influential DJs

These are my must see DJs, either live, on YouTube or downloading one of their mixtapes.

1. A-Trak
2. Diplo
3. DJ AM (rest in peace)
4. Ajax
5. Sampology

These DJs have been some of my biggest influences on my style of DJing. I see these guys as innovative and unique, they dig deep and push forward new music and genres, as well as having loads of experience behind the decks, with the ability to adjust to different crowds.

So, whether you’re into indie, hi -hop, house or bassline music these dudes will keep you dancing, as well as keeping you guessing for what’s coming up next. And well, that's my aim for whenever I get behind a set of decks!

Van Miert headlines Soh Sundays Labour Day Eve (May 6) party at the Jubilee Hotel. Other DJs performing include: DJ GZ, Della, Blaze, DJ Bounce, Fid Frantic and Art House Killers.


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