The new theatre rendition of John Birmingham's 1994 novel, ‘He Died With A Felafel In His Hand’, will be returning for a run of six shows at The Brisbane Powerhouse.

Join in on the story and follow the journey of shifting milk crates from one dysfunctional sharehouse to the next and encountering freaks, geeks, gamers, players, stoners, junkies, flunkies, losers, bruisers, strippers, whippers and moontanners.

It’s a Brisbane story, by a Brisbane author, with a Brisbane cast in one of Brisbane’s best theatre space.

“The Powerhouse is a beautiful venue, well regarded for its dynamic and innovative programming,” says director Natalie Bochenski. “It's only appropriate that we hijack its reputation for a week with a dose of explicit content, swearing, toilet humour and the odd flash of nudity.”

Shaun King, who plays the male lead in the play, is in total agreement and is a big fan of Natalie's work.

“Natalie's rendition of the play is inspired. She's done a really fantastic job and we can't wait to perform,” he explains.

Shaun will be playing the protagonist character, JB, in a cast of eleven and he said channelling the character was very easy.

“The character of JB is just an amplified version of myself. I really didn't have to do much to get into the character. He's a really great character to play. The cast have done an amazing job. John Birmingham wrote the book with brilliant clarity and structure so it transitions to theatre really well. 'He Died With A Felafel In His Hand' has been rendered and performed countless times, but this version is probably the best we've ever done.”

‘He Died With A Felafel In His Hand’ is a hit cult in both its original book form and long-running stage performance. It's been described as raucous, raunchy and ridiculous.

“The show is for a really diverse audience. It's a little bit raunchy yet my mum, who is as conservative as they come, thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone should come and watch it” Shaun enthuses.

‘He Died With A Felafel In His Hand’ will be appearing at The Brisbane Powerhouse from October 1-5.

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